Heather Stapley

Heather previously worked as a police officer in Scotland and has a wealth of experience in dealing with a diverse range of people, problems and challenging experiences.

Heather’s personal experience in suffering a career altering injury sparked an interest in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a desire to help people through this therapy. Heather moved to Australia in 2009 with her Australian husband. They have a young family and enjoy being part of the Central Coast community.

Through Clinical Hypnotherapy and a combination of other counselling techniques including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy you can achieve the results you have always wanted and fast.

Unlike the perception given from ‘stage hynotists’ this involves entering a relaxed state of focussed awareness where you are always in control.

Respect and dignity are of utmost importance throughout Clinical Hypnotherapy when tapping into the powerful world of the unconscious mind. In this relaxed and safe environment, you have the power to capture and alter your thought patterns, changing them to your benefit, for lasting results.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can assist with overcoming phobias, stress management, weight issues, depression, anxiety, insomnia, exam performance, public speaking, habit removal, goal setting, pain management, post traumatic stress, eating disorders, sports performance, addictions, quit smoking.

Heather is also a musician and can help clients to explore many tools in facilitating therapy including mindful music therapy to achieve their goals